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Belgian chocolate is considered a gourmet standard against which other chocolates are measured.
Perhaps it is the most coveted, celebrated chocolate in the world. Swiss chocolatiers, also famed for their
chocolate products, historically imported the basic recipe from Belgian chocolatiers. Chocolate aficionados
worldwide assert that Belgian chocolates have no comparison whatsoever. Now you can surrender yourself to the
rich delicious magical taste of hand-made Belgian chocolates. Created in the year 2006, Choco-licious offers hand-made Belgian chocolates of the finest quality, painstakingly created out of pure imported chocolate with only select ingredients. Offered in a range to match every moment and mood and beautifully gift wrapped and presented.
Perfecting the art of perfection, these chocolates are poured out with the finest raw materials that include butter, milk, fresh cream, liquers and contains no artificial dyes or preservatives. Choco-licious chocolates are still mostly made by hand, using the traditional equipment that made Belgian chocolates so popular in the first place. The pure quality of ingredients along with an almost fanatical adherence to old world manufacturing techniques is what makes Belgian chocolate unique. Even in today's world of mass production manufacture, the majority of Belgian chocolate is
still made by hand in small shops using traditional equipment. A strict adherence to traditions, old recipes and equipment has allowed the chocolatiers to maintain the high standards that were set many years ago.
Even the Gods have a sweet tooth, so celebrate the festive season with Choco-licious
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