Traditionally Belgian chocolates were created to be given as gifts. The creation of delicate pralines entailed
the creation of a special kind of wrapping, which was known as the 'ballotin'. Choco-licious is beautifully wrapped
in gold foil wrapping This added to the overall charm of gifting chocolates. Belgian chocolates are small delicacies,
and the reason behind their size can be attributed to the overall outlook of the Belgian people. A nation where
the best of things come in small packages. Therefore the Belgian chocolate is meant to be a 'small instantaneous pleasure'. Choco-licious is always made to order, a tradition that maintains its exclusivity and special touch.
As it is never stored, it keeps its luscious freshness with every batch. With more than 150 delicious varieties
to choose from you can be sure that there is one Choco-licious for every occasion. So be it a birthday,
a corporate event, an anniversary, valentine's day, or just a way to say thank you,
Choco-licious can make the occasion really special.
Even the Gods have a sweet tooth, so celebrate the festive season with Choco-licious
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